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About Us

Around thirteen years ago a father, son and his best friend decided to buy a few beehives and take them around to the local farms for pollination services. Little did they know what it would turn into. As they learned more and more about bees, their relationships with other local beekeepers grew and turned into a passion that they never guessed would take them this far. Nine years ago the son branched out into what is now TbeeS Honey and began selling at local farmers markets. Soon after he married, and along with his wife and team went from providing local honey to their customers at farmers markets, to really turning their focus on making products from all the goodness of the entire beehive. At TbeeS Honey it is our greatest honor and mission to provide you with exceptional bee products that add value to your life and well being. 


"I have been using TbeeS Honey products for quite a few years now. Their Royal Jelly, Bee Pollen, and and Royal Honey Ambrosia. I'll say this about their products; healthy, clean, fortifying, and always fresh! I've been a user of Bee Pollen since the early 1980's, and have found none equal to the quality of bee products TbeeS Honey has to offer. When I send for my order they have it in the mail within no more than two days! There will be no other company I will deal with. I am a very satisfied customer, both with their products and service! 

James Holt - Lebanon, OR 

"I always love visiting Ron at the market! His knowledge about bees makes me reassured that I'm getting high quality bee products. He has done his research and puts his whole heart into the products he makes. Since taking Royal Life Boost everyday for a year now, I can truly say that my hormones have balanced and my energy is out of this world!"  

Kathy M. - Vancouver, WA

"I have been using Queen de La cream royal jelly lotion since June 2021. In our family we call it "magic cream" or "miracle cream". It has been wonderful for my face and hands. I have dry skin and it just drinks the cream right up. My daughter had eczema and so I gave her a jar. She loves it, because it helped it so much. She got her co workers hooked on it as well. We use it on any skin abrasion, cuts, blemishes, and burns. It heals everything so quickly! In the past eight months I have given away at least fifteen jars. We just love it! 

Teri S. - Saratoga Spings, UT
Piece of Honeycomb
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